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Detailed explanation of airport area road changes given after drivers express confusion

Saturday, 19 November 2022, 15:13 Last update: about 11 days ago

A Facebook page which deals with roads in Malta has given a detailed explanation of how the road network in the airport area will be operating after Infrastructure Malta announced that changes will come into effect as from Monday.

The government agency is gearing up for the last stages of the Kirkop tunnel project, but it gave little details as to how drivers are to proceed, other than provide a map of the area on its Facebook page.

The Maltese Roads Traffic Updates Facebook, on the other hand, has given a details explanation of the changes that will be in place as from Monday:

Triq il-Fawwara, the main road that we normally pass from to get to the Airport and Hal Far area will be completely closed in order for roadworks to continue.

With that being said, all traffic coming from Luqa via Gudja road or from Dawret il-Gudja heading to the Airport, Safi, Kirkop, Żurrieq, Mqabba & Qrendi will be staying on the left hand side and continue driving straight onto the newly built road towards Kirkop tunnels.

From there on, motorists that are going to Kirkop/Żurrieq areas can just continue driving straight to towards Kirkop tunnel, whilst anyone going to the Airport will enter through the road that we normally use to get to McDonald's or Skyparks.

The current exit from the Airport area will also be closed. Therefore the new temporary exit from the Airport will be by the fuel station/the back of McDonald's, than continuing on towards Kirkop tunnels like it used to be before, when works were in much earlier stages.

Route for traffic coming from Safi/Żurrieq areas will remain the same, however obviously expect higher volume of traffic especially during rush hours.

Route for traffic coming from Gudja road/Dawret il-Gudja going towards Luqa/Qormi will also remain the same for now, via Vjal l-Avjazzjoni.

Route for traffic coming from Birzebbuġa & Ħal Far via Ħal Far road going towards Luqa/Qormi, will now have to proceed left at the end of the road towards Kirkop tunnels as well.

Route for traffic coming from Luqa via Gudja road and from Dawret il-Gudja going towards Ħal Far & Birżebbuġa will now have to keep right at the junction, like you're going back towards Luqa area via Vjal l-Avjazzjoni. However, a couple of meters down the road, there will be a new U-Turn like turning on the left hand side that takes you down onto the new underpass which will open up on Monday. The underpass temporary route than takes you on the right hand side carriageway of Ħal Far road until you arrive next to the outer part of Gudja village, where the road than takes you into that part of Gudja that is currently being used like an intersection.

From there, than you can continue your way onto the rest of Ħal Far road or you can also keep turning right to go back to the Airport area. Once you're partially in the village, there will be traffic crossing towards the Airport from triq De Warsbergh & triq iż-Żebbuġa Gudja, so drive carefully and always proceed with caution.

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