The Malta Independent 6 June 2023, Tuesday
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Only 36% of Maltese feel like country is moving in the right direction, as satisfaction plummets

Only 36% of the Maltese people feel like the country is moving in the right direction, as satisfaction with how the country is progressing plummeted when compared to six months ago, according to the...

latest comment from Alba Trossington, 06/06/2023 14:56: Hopefully, the long-suffering Maltese People are slowly lifting their heads out of the sand and opening their eyes. Sometimes, I do not blame them for taking so long because, truly, the country was never in such a terrible situation. The kind of trouble we are in now is totally new. In the past we had our share of worries like corruption, unemployment, even some degree of violence, economic underdevelopment. Somehow we survived and made progress because the worries that plagued us were reversible and our People, optimistic by nature, moved ahead. The anxieties destroying our peace of mind now are unfamiliar to us and of a different order and are about things which are mostly irreversible. The wholesale destruction of the environment, the widespread endless over-construction consuming the little available land, the uncontrolled and sudden growth in population projected to be double what it was 40 years ago and including a large percentage of persons from different cultures, the insoluble traffic problem worsening by the day: these problems are practically irreversible. Added to these are other issues that many or most Maltese view as endemic and unlikely to ever change: the increase in serious crime, the widespread corruption whether true or only perceived, the illicit partnership between politicians and big business, the disparity in income between those with powerful friends and the rest. Other causes giving rise to serious preoccupation and hardship are the crisis in the health system brought about by the enormous increase in population compounded by the scandalous fiasco of the Vitals fraudulent deal, the inefficient public service, the unfairness in public broadcasting.
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