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Updated: Filipinos, Serbs top list of third country nationals working in Malta

Wednesday, 12 October 2016, 19:27 Last update: about 7 years ago

In April 2016 there were 1,468 Filipinos working in Malta, topping the list of third country nationals working in Malta. The second largest group on the list is made up of 1,246 Serbs.

The information was tabled in Parliament by Work and Education Minister Evarist Bartolo,  at the request of PN MP Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici.

The list also includes 369 Chinese workers, 286 Eritreans, 383 Indians, 322 Libyans and 264 Nigerians.


Among the more interesting nationalities one finds 43 Afghans, 3 people from American Samoa, 13 from Belarus, 55 Brazilians, one person from Comoros, 7 Jamaicans, one person from Myanmar,16 from North Korea, 89 from Thailand.

According to the list there are 46 Australians, 56 Canadians and 108 Americans living and working in Malta. There are also 351 Russians, 195 Turks and 279 Ukrainians.


Over 22,000 EU nationals working in Malta 

In reply to another parliamentary question, Mr Bartolo said there were 22,579 EU nationals working in Malta by the end of April.

Italians made up the largest group, with 5,180 people.

The second largest group was 3,985 Britons, followed by Bulgaria, with 2,044 nationals working in Malta.

At the end of April there were also 332 Austrians, 188 Belgians, 100 Croats, 26 Cypriots, 296 Czechs, 204 Danes, 120 Estonians, 321 Finns, 879 French, 991 Germans, 379 Greeks, 1,308 Hungarians, 281 Irish, 276 Latvians, 213 Lithuanians, 4 Luxembourgish, 466 Dutch, 779 Polish, 297 Portuguese, 1,262 Romanians, 338 Slovaks, 106 Slovenians, 1,119 Spanish and 1,085 Swedes working in Malta.

According to the list there were also 252 EEA/EFTA nationals, and 245 EU Dependants working in Malta. 

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