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PL reaches agreement with Steve Zammit Lupi on mayor, deputy mayor positions

Friday, 21 June 2024, 14:31 Last update: about 26 days ago

The Labour Party said Friday it had reached an agreement with independent candidate Steve Zammit Lupi for him to serve as mayor of the locality of Zebbug, while a Labour councillor will be deputy mayor.

Steve Zammit Lupi obtained the highest number of votes in the locality, 2,342, with his mother Lilibeth Zammit Lupi also elected. This led to a deadlocked situation as none of the parties obtained the majority of seats in the council, with the 4 PL bagging four seats, and the PN three.

The Labour Party announced on Friday that the elected Labour councillors in Żebbuġ will give their support for the nomination of Steve Zammit Lupi to serve as mayor for the coming 5 years. It said that they reached this agreement following discussions that put the interests of the locality first. It added that it was agreed that the electoral manifestoes of both the Labour Party as well as that of Zammit Lupi will act as the working plan during the legislature of the Local Council.

The Labour Party said that it was also agreed that Joseph Agius, the Labour councillor with the most votes, will serve as deputy mayor of Żebbuġ.

Zammit Lupi's tally was the highest ever achieved by an independent candidate in a local council election since the two main parties both started contesting local council elections in the late 90s.

Zammit Lupi himself took to Facebook to say that after a week of discussions with representatives of both parties, he may publicly say that he has the support of both parties for his being Mayor of Żebbuġ. He stressed that he will remain an “independent mayor”.

Zammit Lupi also confirmed Joseph Agius as his deputy but said that every elected candidate will have the opportunity to work on themes and remits they wish. He added, “whoever wishes to work will find my support”.

Zammit Lupi addressed the matter of manifestoes in saying that he has his own but appreciates that there are relevant ideas and proposals from both parties. He added every proposal that will do good for Żebbuġ will be worked on. 


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